Issues with the New OverDrive Web Site

With the move to a new web site, numerous issues and problems have been reported. We are working with OverDrive to resolve them as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience. Here is a list of some, but not all of the reported problems:

  1. Titles capped at 14 days no longer have the patron notification that they are capped.
  2. There are widespread reports of slowness in loading the mobile site through the app, or it not loading at all (though loading directly through the browser seems to work fine).
  3. Getting out of the Teens and Kids e-reading rooms is difficult. A clearer way to get back to the main collection would be helpful. (FYI - The "Main Collection" can be found in the menu under Collections.
  4. iPhone users are reporting a message telling them to update to the most recent (Internet Explorer) browser.
  5. Kindle Fire users are unable to expand the menu on the mobile site.

Also, the new OverDrive site changed the way that the holds position is displayed when in My account.. Previously, it was reported as your "relative" position in line (your position divided by the number of copies in the collection). Now, it is your "definite" position (your position among all the holds, regardless of copies).