PBS: The Great American Read

Whether you love them or hate them, agree with the selections or disagree, there is something about a "best of" book list to delight or anger most readers. PBS has recently added to the long list of book list with The Great American Read project. PBS, using the public opinion polling service "YouGov," commissioned a "demographically and statistically representative survey asking Americans to name their most-loved novel." The subsequent top 100 book list, ongoing public voting to select a "winner," and an 8 part television series, form the core of The Great American Read.

You can use our Great American Read booklist to browse the titles and find them in InfoSoup. Also visit The Great American Read web site to learn more about the books and how they were chosen, share a story about a novel that has had the biggest impact on your life, learn about the television series, and find out how to vote for your favorite books.