OverDrive Update for iPad/iPhone: UPDATED

Important note for iPhone/iPad users: We are getting a number of reports of problems from iPad/iPhone OverDrive users who recently updated the OverDrive app to version 3.5.0. We are still waiting for more information from OverDrive. If you have not yet updated your OverDrive app, we recommend waiting. If you have updated the app, OverDrive has released a new update 3.5.1 on February 5th that has addressed some of the problems. To check your App version, open the app, go to the menu (tap menu icon or swipe right) and tap "About." If you are on an earlier version, wait to upgade. If you are on 3.5.0, try upgrading to 3.5.1. If you are having problems downloading titles, please contact your local library. We will post an update when we hear more from OverDrive.

New Update from OverDrive (2/12/2016): Here are some additional help articles from OverDrive regarding the i0S update. OverDrive is recommending that users deauthorize (then reauthorize) the app. More information and instructions below: