InfoSoup Joins the Digital Public Library of America

InfoSoup historic digital collections (formerly InfoSoup Memory Project) can now be accessed through the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Along with collections from InfoSoup libraries, some 400,000 records representing photographs, books, maps, artifacts and other historical resources from more than 200 Wisconsin libraries, archives, historical societies and museums are also now part of DPLA. Resources in DPLA can be found searching InfoSoup. After entering your search terms, click on the Articles Tab and then select Digital Public Library of America from the database list. Local resources can also be found by searching directly on the DPLA web site or by visiting Recollection Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s partnership with DPLA is coordinated by Recollection Wisconsin, a collaborative initiative of WiLS, Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Library and Marquette University.

Learn more about Wisconsin joining DPLA

Also checkout this Welcome, Wisconsin post from DPLA.

Finding DPLA Resources in InfoSoup

  1. Enter a search in InfoSoup. DPLA is a large database, so the more precise the search the better (e.g. "Door County Wisconsin" will get better results than just "Door County").
  2. Select the Articles Tab.
  3. Select Digital Public Library of America from the database list.