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Theater Shoes
Author: Noel Streatfeild
Child fiction book, and e-audiobook. During World War II in England, three motherless children, whose father is reported missing in action, go to live with their grandmother in London and join the members of their talented theatrical family in a school for stage training. Grade: 4+
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Johnny Swanson
Author: Eleanor Updale
Child fiction book, and e-book. In 1929 England, eleven-year-old Johnny Swanson helps his widowed mother by starting a newspaper advertising scam, which leads him to a real-life murder mystery that places his mother in mortal danger. Grade: 4+
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Small Acts of Amazing Courage
Author: Gloria Whelan
Child fiction book. In 1919, independent-minded fifteen-year-old Rosalind lives in India with her English parents, and when they fear she has fallen in with some rebellious types who believe in Indian self-government, she is sent "home" to London, where she has never been before and where her older brother died, to stay with her two aunts. Grade: 6+
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El Lector
Author: William Durbin
Child fiction book. Alternate title: The Reader. Bella always dreamed of being a lector, just like her Grandfather, who reads novels, political essays and union news to the workers in a cigar factory. However, circumstances force Bella to take a job at the cigar factory to help support her family instead of getting the education she needs to be a reader. Then, her Aunt Lola is arrested with other workers after a union meeting, and radios begin to replace the lectors in the factories. Bella must find a way to save her family and her dreams. Grade: 5+
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The Lightning Dreamer : Cuba's Greatest Abolitionist
Author: Margarita Engle

Child fiction book. This free verse novel evokes the voice of Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, a book-loving writer, feminist, and abolitionist who courageously fought injustice in nineteenth-century Cuba. Includes historical notes, excerpts from her writings, biographical information, and source notes. Grade: 6+

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The Wild Book
Author: Margarita Engle
Child fiction book. In early twentieth-century Cuba, bandits terrorize the countryside as a young farm girl struggles with dyslexia. Based on the life of the author's grandmother. Grade: 5+
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My Brigadista Year
Author: Katherine Paterson

Child fiction book. When Lora joins Castro's literacy campaign, she travels into the impoverished countryside to teach her fellow Cubans to read and write, while sharing the dangers posed by counterrevolutionaries in the hills. Grade: 5+

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My Havana : Memories of a Cuban Boyhood
Author: Rosemary Wells
Child fiction book. Relates events in the childhood of architect Secundino Fernandez, who left his beloved Havana, Cuba, with his parents, first to spend a year in Spain, and later to move to New York City. Grade: 3+
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Number the Stars
Author: Lois Lowry
Child fiction book, e-book, audiobook on CD, and e-audiobook. In 1943, during the German occupation of Denmark, ten-year-old Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis. Grade: 4+
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When Mischief Came to Town
Author: Katrina Nannestad
Child fiction book. In 1911, when orphaned ten-year-old Inge comes to live with her stern grandmother in a remote island village in Bornholm, Denmark, she ends up changing the climate of the town, bringing joy and laughter to her grandmother's life and finding a new family for herself to help assuage her grief over losing her mother. Grade: 3+
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Playing Atari with Saddam Hussein
Author: Jennifer Rozines Roy
Child fiction book. For forty-two days in 1991, eleven-year-old Ali Fadhil and his family struggle to survive as Basra, Iraq, is bombed by the United States and its allies. Based on a true story. Grade: 4+
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The Breadwinner
Author: Deborah Ellis
Child fiction book, and e-book. Young Parvana lives with her family in one room of a bombed-out apartment building in Kabul, Afghanistan. Because Parvana's father has a foreign education, he is arrested by the Taliban. Women cannot appear in public unless covered head to toe, go to school, or work outside the home, so the family becomes increasingly desperate until Parvana conceives a plan. Book 1 in the Breadwinner series. Grade: 5+
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A Long Walk to Water
Author: Linda Sue Park
Child fiction book, e-book, and e-audiobook. When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family and must walk with other Dinka tribe members through southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya in search of safe haven. Based on the life of Salva Dut, who, after emigrating to America in 1996, began a project to dig water wells in Sudan. Grade: 5+
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The Red Pencil
Author: Andrea Davis Pinkney
Child fiction book, and e-audiobook. After her tribal village is attacked by militants, Amira, a young Sudanese girl, must flee to safety at a refugee camp, where she finds hope and the chance to pursue an education in the form of a single red pencil and the friendship and encouragement of a wise elder. Grade: 4+
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Saba: Under the Hyena's Foot
Author: Jane Kurtz
Child fiction book. After being kidnapped and brought to the emperor's palace in Gondar, Ethiopia, twelve-year-old Saba discovers that she and her brother are part of the emperor's desperate attempt to consolidate political power in the mid-1840's. Grade: 5+
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Kai : A Mission for her village--Africa, 1440
Author: Dawn C. Thomas

Child fiction book. In fifteenth-century Africa, Kai and her beautiful but lazy older sister Jamila undertake a perilous four-day journey to another Yoruba village, seeking help for their starving tribe after the blight of the yam crop. Grade: 2+

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Auma’s Long Run
Author: Eucabeth A. Odhiambo
Child fiction book, and e-book. Auma loves to run. In her small Kenyan village, she's a track star with big dreams. A track scholarship could allow her to attend high school and maybe even become a doctor. But a strange new sickness called AIDS is ravaging the village, and when her father becomes ill, Auma's family needs her help at home. Grade: 5+
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Listening for Lions
Author: Gloria Whelan

Child fiction book, e-book. Left an orphan after the influenza epidemic in British East Africa in 1918, thirteen-year-old Rachel is tricked into assuming a deceased neighbor's identity to travel to England, where her only dream is to return to Africa and rebuild her parents' mission hospital. Grade: 5+

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South Africa

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Stones for My Father
Author: Trilby Kent
Child fiction book. Corlie Roux's life in South Africa is not easy. But when the British invade and drive out the Boer families, some of them are driven to internment camps. This happens to Corlie. Will the love of her country survive the British invasion? Grade: 5+
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The Night of the Burning : Devorah's Story
Author: Linda Press Wulf
Child fiction book. Devorah's world has been shattered by the tragedies of post-Great War Europe: gas poisoning, famine, typhoid, and influenza. Then comes the Night of the Burning, when Cossacks provoke Christian Poles to attack their Jewish neighbors. In 1920, eleven-year-old Devorah and her little sister, Nechama, are the sole survivors of their community. Salvation arrives in the form of a South African philanthropist named Isaac Ochberg, who invites Devorah and Nechama to join his group of two hundred orphans in their journey to safety in South Africa. Although reluctant to leave her homeland, and afraid to forget her family, Devorah follows her sister, who is determined to go to the new country. Grade: 6+
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Never Forgotten
Author: Pat McKissack

Child fiction book, and e-audiobook. In eighteenth-century West Africa, a boy raised by his blacksmith father and the Mother Elements--Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth--is captured and taken to America as a slave. Grade: 3+

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The Blackbird Girls
Author: Anne Blankman

Child fiction book, e-book, and e-audiobook. On a spring morning, neighbors Valentina Kaplan and Oksana Savchenko wake up to an angry red sky. A reactor at the nuclear power plant where their fathers work--Chernobyl--has exploded. Before they know it, the two girls, who've always been enemies, find themselves on a train bound for Leningrad to stay with Valentina's estranged grandmother, Rita Grigorievna. In their new lives in Leningrad, they begin to learn what it means to trust another person. Grade: 4+

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Stones in Water
Author: Donna Jo Napoli
Child fiction book. After being taken by German soldiers from a local movie theater along with other Italian boys including his Jewish friend, Roberto is forced to work in Germany, escapes into the Ukrainian winter, before desperately trying to make his way back home to Venice. Grade: 5+
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A Boy Is Not a Bird
Author: Edeet Ravel
Child fiction book. A young boy finds his world overturned when his family is uprooted and exiled to Siberia during the occupation of the Soviet Ukraine by Nazi Germany. Grade: 3+
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Don’t Tell the Nazis
Author: Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

Child fiction book, and e-audiobook. It is June 1941 and after the brutal rule of the Soviets the people of Krystia's small Ukrainian village are inclined to look on the German invaders as liberators; but soon the Nazis start rounding up Jewish Ukrainians, and Krystia is faced with a terrible choice--risk everything by helping her Jewish friends and neighbors to hide, or save herself and her family by doing nothing. Grade: 5+

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Nzingha, warrior queen of Matamba
Author: Pat McKissack
Child fiction book. Presents the diary of thirteen-year-old Nzingha, a sixteenth-century West African princess who loves to hunt and hopes to lead her kingdom one day against the invasion of the Portuguese slave traders. Part of the Royal Diaries series. Grade: 5+
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The Button War : A Tale of the Great War

Child fiction book, and audiobook on CD. Patryk and Jurek are as much friends as rivals in the small Russian-occupied Polish village where they live. When, in August 1914, Patryk finds an old button on the forest floor, Jurek becomes wildly jealous. Not long after, World War I comes to Poland, bringing one invading army after another to the village. Jurek devises an exciting dare among the seven boys in their pack: whoever steals the best military button will be Button King. The boys agree. The contest is on. The competition escalates from stealing uniform buttons on a wash line to looting the bodies of dead soldiers to setting up an ambush. Leading the charge is Jurek, who will do anything to be Button King. It's only Patryk who tries to stop Jurek's increasingly dangerous game before it leads to deadly consequences. Grade: 5+

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Jacob's Rescue : A Holocaust Story
Author: Malka Drucker

Child fiction book. In answer to his daughter's questions, a man recalls the terrifying years of his childhood when a brave Polish couple, Alex and Mela Roslan, hid him and other Jewish children from the Nazis. Based on a true story. Grade: 5+

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The Sound of Freedom
Author: Kathy Kacer
Child fiction book. Life is becoming dangerous for the Jews of Krakow in 1936 with incidents of violence and persecution increasing day by day. Twelve-year-old Anna begs her father to leave Poland, but he is reluctant to give up his position as an acclaimed clarinetist in the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra. After barely escaping from an attack by a group of violent thugs, it becomes clear that the family must leave. Anna's father auditions for the famous Bronislaw Huberman, a world renowned violinist, who is searching for Jewish musicians to play in a new orchestra in Palestine. This poignant story is based on real events in pre-war Poland and Palestine. Grade: 4+
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The Trumpeter of Krakow
Author: Eric Philbrook Kelly
Child fiction book. The memory of an act of bravery and self-sacrifice by a trumpeter in ancient Krakow helps a courageous boy in the fifteenth century to save the life of his father and protect a great treasure. Grade: 5+
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It Rained Warm Bread
Author: Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet
Child fiction book. A fictionalized account of the experiences of a Polish Jew, Moishe, who with his family, struggled to survive the Nazi invasion and Holocaust. The wolves loomed at every corner, yet Moishe still held on to the blessings of his mother's blueberry pierogis, of celebrating the Sabbath as a family, of a loyal friend. But each day the darkness weighed more heavily on Moishe as his family was broken, uprooted, and scattered across labor and concentration camps. Just as his last hopes began to dim, a simple act of kindness redeemed his faith that goodness could survive the trials of war. Grade: 4+
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Author: Jerry Spinelli
Child e-book, audiobook on CD, and e-audiobook. He's a boy called Jew. Gypsy. Stopthief. Runt. Happy. Fast. Filthy son of Abraham. He's a boy who lives in the streets of Warsaw. He's a boy who steals food for himself and the other orphans. He's a boy who believes in bread, and mothers, and angels. He's a boy who wants to be a Nazi some day, with tall shiny jackboots and a gleaming Eagle hat of his own. Until the day that suddenly makes him change his mind. And when the trains come to empty the Jews from the ghetto, he's a boy who realizes it's safest of all to be nobody. Grade: 6+
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The Devil's Arithmetic
Author: Jane Yolen
Child fiction book, and e-book. Hannah resents stories of her Jewish heritage and of the past until, when opening the door during a Passover Seder, she finds herself in Poland during World War II where she experiences the horrors of a concentration camp. Grade: 6+
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Cleopatra VII, Daughter of the Nile
Author: Kristiana Gregory

Child fiction audiobook on CD. While her father is in hiding after attempts on his life, twelve-year-old Cleopatra records in her diary how she fears for her own safety and hopes to survive to become Queen of Egypt some day. Part of the Royal Diaries series. Grade: 5+

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Eye of the Moon
Author: Dianne Hofmeyr

Child fiction book. When Isikara, an apprentice in mummification, discovers that the prince Tuthmosis has been targeted for assassination, they escape on a journey across Egypt, searching for allies to help Tuthmosis regain his throne. Grade: 4+

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The Secret Explorers and the Tomb Robbers
Author: SJ King

Child fiction book. Gustavo (history expert) and Kiki (engineering expert) are sent on the mission of stopping the Cairo Museum from closing down. They travel back in time to Ancient Egypt and are soon drawn into a tense, thrilling adventure that involves breaking into pyramids, learning ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and stopping thieves hoping to rob all the treasure from the Pharaoh's tomb. Book 3 in The Secret Explorers series. Grade: 3+

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Casting the Gods Adrift : A Tale of Ancient Egypt
Author: Geraldine McCaughrean

Child fiction book, and e-book. Tutmose, an apprentice sculptor, and his nearly-blind brother, Ibrim, an apprentice musician, are content at the court of Pharaoh Akhenaten, but their father rages against Pharaoh's rejection of traditional Egyptian gods and plots a deadly revenge. Grade: 4+

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The Lost Scroll of the Physician
Author: Alisha Sevigny
Child fiction book. Sesha, the daughter of the pharaoh's royal physician, must find the precious scroll her father was transcribing before his death, not only to save the kingdom, but to also save her brother's life. Book 1 of Secrets of the Sands series. Grade: 5+
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Maia of Thebes: 1463 B.C.
Author: Ann Warren Turner
Child fiction book. A young Egyptian girl, whose brother secretly taught her to read and write, accuses her uncle of stealing grain from the temple and must run away from Thebes to survive. Grade: 4+
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Secret of the Andes
Author: Ann Nolan Clark
Child fiction book. An Indian boy who tends llamas in a hidden valley in Peru learns the traditions and secrets of his Inca ancestors. Grade: 3+
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